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Reed Diffuser x2 Orient Gift Set 100ml - GSD100GL-GO

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Reed Diffuser x2 Orient Gift Set 100ml

Diffuser 1: Energise your senses with the zesty and spicy blend of Ginger & Lime. This dynamic fragrance features high notes of tangy lime zest and freshly grated ginger, delivering a vibrant and invigorating punch. As it mellows, the low notes of rich sandalwood and soft musk provide a harmonious balance, making it perfect for those who love a bold and stimulating scent. Ginger & Lime is your ideal choice for a lively and adventurous fragrance experience.

Diffuser 2: Discover the rich and exotic allure of Geranium & Oud, a fragrance that embodies luxury and sophistication. High notes of aromatic geranium and spicy cardamom captivate your senses, while low notes of deep oud wood and smoky incense create a mysterious and opulent aura. Perfect for those who appreciate a bold and distinctive scent, Geranium & Oud is your go-to fragrance for an unforgettable and luxurious experience.