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Uplifting Diffuser & Candle Gift Set - GSD100WL-C180MB

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Uplifting Diffuser & Candle Gift Set

Diffuser: Immerse yourself in the refreshing embrace of Wild Lemongrass, a fragrance that invigorates your senses with its lively and vibrant essence. High notes of crisp lemongrass and zesty lemon peel awaken your spirit, while low notes of earthy vetiver and smooth cedarwood provide a grounding finish. Perfect for those seeking a burst of energy and clarity, Wild Lemongrass is your go-to scent for a revitalising experience.

Candle: Refresh and rejuvenate with the cool and crisp aroma of Mint & Bergamot. High notes of invigorating mint leaves and citrusy bergamot create a refreshing and uplifting atmosphere, while low notes of green tea and white musk offer a clean and soothing finish. Ideal for those who enjoy a fresh, crisp, and clean scent, Mint & Bergamot is your perfect partner for a revitalising and invigorating fragrance journey.