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Floral Diffuser & Candle Gift Set - GSD100NR-C180L

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Floral Gift Set

Diffuser: Experience the timeless elegance of Neroli Rose, where delicate florals meet subtle sophistication. This enchanting fragrance opens with high notes of neroli blossom and sweet orange, creating a fresh and inviting aura. As it settles, the luxurious low notes of rose petals and warm musk emerge, enveloping you in a romantic and soothing embrace. Ideal for those who appreciate classic floral scents with a modern twist, Neroli Rose is your elegant companion for any occasion.

Candle: Find your calm with the soothing and serene aroma of Lavender. This classic fragrance opens with high notes of fresh lavender blooms and a hint of eucalyptus, creating a tranquil and calming effect. The low notes of sweet tonka bean and subtle patchouli add depth and warmth, making it an ideal scent for relaxation and unwinding. Perfect for those seeking peace and tranquility, Lavender is your ultimate escape to a world of calm and serenity.