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No.4 Men’s Amber Oakmoss Eau de Toilette 100 ml - 805

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 No 4 Men’s Amber Oakmoss Eau de Toilette 100ml

The Heyland & Whittle Eau De Toilette is very good news for all the men - and women - in your life.

Everyone loves our signature Amber Oakmoss fragrance which has great staying power and hits all the right notes! A rich, warm woody blend of mellow Amber and earthy Oakmoss, with an indulgent hint of fresh Bergamot.  

Our No 4  Eau De Toilette completes our men's line up of exemplary grooming products.   Do check out our No 1 (Charcoal Beard Bar), No 2 (Hydrating Shampoo Bar) and No 3 (Exfoliating Body Bar).  All are Amber Oakmoss too – who doesn’t love the good things in life!