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Meet Winnie & Olive - Heyland & Whittle’s Stockist of the Month - Heyland & Whittle Ltd

Meet Winnie & Olive - Heyland & Whittle’s Stockist of the Month

Welcome to our new monthly series where we highlight some of our very favourite Heyland & Whittle stockists from across the country.

From the north of the nation to the south (and beyond!), we’re thrilled to partner up with so many fabulous independent shops, boutiques, and stores as part of their carefully selected wares.

This month, we had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Heather, founder of Winnie & Olive, and Vanessa, her gorgeous mum, all about their favourite fragrances, feeling part of a community, and a very special family history…

Hi ladies! We’re thrilled you’re speaking with us – thanks for making the time!

Could you tell us a little bit about the shop? There’s an incredible and very meaningful story behind the name.

Heather: Well, it all started in 2019, when I opened up Winnie & Olive in June. My mum’s mum had passed away in March of that year, and she’s been a huge inspiration to me all throughout my life. I wanted to do something that would have made her proud, and opening up Winnie & Olive is exactly that.

Vanessa: Winnie & Olive are actually the names of my grandmothers – and Heather is like both of these amazing women, reincarnated in one body! My dad’s mum, Winnie, was a very genteel, creative, artistic, and peaceful soul – you can tell that Heather has inherited those qualities.

My mum’s mum, Olive, was an awesome force of nature. She was a businesswoman right up to her mid-80s and worked in buying and selling with my grandfather, and later they ran a family café and had a carpet business as well.

My own mother was a rather private lady, so rather than name the shop after her, we decided to honour Nanny Winnie and Granny Olive, and that’s exactly what Heather’s done.

What a special family legacy. There are a few Winnie & Olive shops now – when did you open and where can people find you?

Heather: The first shop is based in Kinver, the second is in Bromsgrove, and our third will be opening up in Wallheath this February! We opened our Kinver store in June 2019 when I was 20, as mentioned, and then Bromsgrove in 2020 (closing for a spell, and then opening back up in May 2021).

Currently it’s all hands on deck for February, but we wouldn’t have it any other day.

What do you enjoy most about setting up shop in a village?

Heather: Villages equal community, for us, and it’s such a privilege to be able to get to know people wherever we go. The shops are all individually curated, and we work really closely with local artisans and makers. It means a lot to support the craftspeople we love and admire. There’s a real family feeling here.

Vanessa: A lot of people have also said that the shops were a lifeline during the pandemic – we were able to keep selling our home wares, like eco-friendly paint - being able to safely deliver local orders meant that folk could still keep up their home DIY projects!

We have to ask – do you have a favourite Heyland & Whittle product?

Heather: I absolutely love the Welcome Home Reed Diffuser – the Cedarwood and Vetiver is gorgeous, and I love the Geranium & Oud Eco Candle too.

Vanessa: There’s a Gardener’s Friend soap in every single sink in my home – it’s an essential, not just a favourite!

And lastly – if you had to describe Winnie & Olive in three words, which words would you say?

Heather: Well, we need three and a half – “in memory of Nan.”

Vanessa: Mum, if she were here today, well – she’d definitely be in there with her pinnie on.

Thank you both so much for sharing such a precious family story with us.

If you’re looking for beautiful, thoughtful, independent gifts, pop over to Winnie & Olive’s Facebook and website, and discover more about this very special store.

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