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Meet The Dials - Heyland & Whittle’s Stockist of the Month - Heyland & Whittle Ltd

Meet The Dials - Heyland & Whittle’s Stockist of the Month

Welcome to our new monthly series where we highlight some of our very favourite Heyland & Whittle stockists from across the country.

From the north of the nation to the south (and beyond!), we’re thrilled to partner up with so many fabulous independent shops, boutiques, and stores as part of their carefully selected wares.

This month, we had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Kath Sanders, owner of The Dials, a gorgeous, eclectic gift shop in Seven Dials, Brighton.

Kath – thank you so much for speaking with us. Could you tell us a little bit about the shop and where you’re based?

Yes, of course – we’re an independent gift shop based in Seven Dials, Brighton – a really lovely residential area. We have a great community on our doorstop, and we’re lucky that our residents are our regulars!

One of the best things about having a shop in a residential area is that we do get to know our regular customers really well. From pet’s names to personal preferences, we’re able to go the extra mile for people because we’ve been able to get to know what they like over time. It’s so nice to be able to offer that level of customer service.

What a lovely community! When did The Dials first open its doors?

We opened our doors about seven years ago. When we first started, this wasn’t really an area that people particularly wanted to go to, and being residential, we don’t get tourists visiting – so we’ve worked to curate an eclectic offering that continuously appeals to the people who live here.

A big part of that offering is making sure we find quality products. Independent makers, local companies, and sustainability are important to us, and to our customers, so we very much keep our eyes open for products and brands that fit with our ethos.

It’s great to hear direct customer feedback as well, so we’re constantly finetuning what we offer, and it’s always a thrill to see new stock coming in.

What do you enjoy most about living and working in Seven Dials?

One of the best things is seeing how much our community is thriving – it’s a bit like village life with all the benefits of being in and near a city. Brighton’s got some fantastic independent cafes and restaurants, and a lot of them have branches here in Seven Dials.

I also own the card shop that’s beside The Dials, and it’s been running for over 32 years. I’ve been looking after it for the last four, but you definitely get the sense that the card shop belongs to the customers and our community, it’s very much ‘theirs’.

We have to ask – do you have a favourite Heyland & Whittle product?

Whatever form it comes in – from hand cream to candles, I just can’t get enough of the Clementine & Prosecco fragrance. I’ve loved it for years.

And lastly – if you had to describe The Dials in three words, which words would you choose?

I’d have to say ‘eclectic, quality, and friendly.’ We want to make everyone feel welcome.

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