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Heyland & Whittle’s Gentle Suggestions for Settling into the Autumn Season - Heyland & Whittle Ltd

Heyland & Whittle’s Gentle Suggestions for Settling into the Autumn Season

With the thrill of crispy leaves and the cool nip in the air are undeniable. Autumn has arrived.

We love every single season here at Heyland & Whittle, and autumn is no exception. There’s something special about folding up summer dresses and rediscovering cosy jumpers and winter coats again.

No doubt there are some sunny days to come when the trees will look like they’re ablaze, but as cooler weather sets in, and our hectic summer pace starts to slow, we look at some of the (literally!) delicious ways to savour the seasons changing.

Read on to discover some of our favourite autumnal pleasures.

Curl up with a good book

Really, is there anything better than curling up with a good book? Whether you love diving into the pages of a whodunnit or an Austen romance is more your persuasion, time spent reading is never wasted.

We absolutely love the peaceful sense of tranquillity that comes from lighting some beautiful eco-friendly candles,

laying claim to your favourite chair, and whiling away the hours with a novel you just love. Bonus points if you read under a blanket whilst the rain lashes the windows, too…

Soak in a sumptuous, scented bubble bath

You’ve been out for a long walk or perhaps you’ve had the odd garden task to do, and it’s a decidedly brisk day – your nose is a little chilly and your toes are growing cold. What to do to warm up? No, the answer is not clinging to the radiator… You should take a long and luxurious bubble bath.

Whether you opt for citrussy scents in a luscious bath melt

or choose something sweetly floral like our Neroli and Rose Foam Bath, pop a soothing playlist on, and lock yourself away as you warm those toes and soak your bones.

Snuggle into your cosiest clothes

There’s no two ways about it – wearing something light and breezy is wonderful (we’re looking at you, sundresses). But there’s also a real thrill in knowing it's cold enough to snuggle into your favourite cosy clothes.

From the softest cashmere jumpers to your thickest denier tights, or even those fluffy socks you treated yourself to recently, something about lovely layers and feeling bundled up just makes the world feel like a safer place.

Indulge in a little comfort food with wonderful company

We’re all more than familiar with the perks and pleasures of seasonal eating. Not only do you reduce food miles and support local British farmers, but you also get whatever produce you’re eating at its delicious peak.

Now is the season of orchard fruit, apples and blackberries, sweet celeriac, squash and pumpkins, as well as lovely dark green, emerald vegetables like kale, cavolo nero, and purple sprouting broccoli. With such a bounty on our doorsteps, recipes like this Apple Caramel Tart become even better. Preheat your oven, warm a pot for tea, and invite some dear friends over as the nights draw in for a truly autumnal afternoon.

How do you like to ease into the season? We’d love to know. Pop a comment down below with your favourite autumn ritual.

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