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A Look Back at a Very Happy Heyland & Whittle Year - Heyland & Whittle Ltd

A Look Back at a Very Happy Heyland & Whittle Year

Yes, it’s absolutely a cliché, but surely it’s not just us here at Heyland & Whittle who feel that this year has raced by? We could swear that it was just yesterday we were toasting 2021 as the new year, now we’re chilling champagne in preparation for celebrating 2022.

As with all things, we’re firm believers that it’s important to slow down and appreciate everything that’s happened this year. With that in mind, we’ve rounded up some of our blog posts from this hectic, wonderful (sometimes stressful) year, to look back and appreciate everything that 2021 has brought us.

Winter to Spring

Whilst January definitely does overstretch itself and outstay its welcome, there is something lovely about seeing the days grow longer, even if it’s just by a minute or two each day. When the weather’s bitter, and the news felt gloomy, we thought that celebrating home comforts was the way to go, and penned a post about how you can turn your four walls into a sweet, stress-free sanctuary (sometimes).

After the flurry of February romance and Valentine’s Day (with heart-shaped soap for your beloved), spring couldn’t be too far away – and gratefully, it wasn’t. We wrote about beautiful mothers of all kinds for Mother’s Day on March 14th, and in April, one of our favourite days – World Bath Day – rolled around, with National Tea Day hot on its heels.

We launched ourselves headfirst into the fascinating history of Earl Grey, and got our eco-friendly thinking caps on as we considered the intersection of luxury and sustainability. Before we knew it, April had melted into May, and spring had well and truly arrived.

Spring to Summer

In May, we took a closer look at some of the ingredients we often take for granted – Aleurites Moluccana Seed Oil (also known as the candlenut tree or kukui oil) and Palm Oil.

Both have incredible benefits and are native to tropical parts of the world, where indigenous cultures have used them for centuries. Though these plants are incredible resources, the demand for Palm Oil, especially, can have devastating effects on the local area, the local people, and the local wildlife. We explored the importance of sustainably sourcing these ingredients, which is vital to us here at Heyland & Whittle.

All of a sudden, spring became summer, and we found ourselves pausing for World Meditation Day, celebrating our best friends with flowers, plotting delicious picnics – and yes, munching chocolate cake in a fabulously hedonistic day or two at Hampton Court.

Summer to Autumn

July became August, and we found ourselves glowing with summer heat, in the heart of wedding season. We rounded up our best tips for planning an eco-friendly wedding – from favours to décor, discovering fun ways to plan a big day without costing the earth.

In true British tradition (and yes, the lure of summer strawberries at their peak, made into sweet jam might have had something to do with it) – we mused on the pleasures of the scone and the history of Afternoon Tea. Whether you opt for cream then jam, or jam then cream, we can all agree that there’s nothing quite like a freshly made scone to offset mid-afternoon hunger pangs.

From Britain to France then, we wrote about Provence’s most famous export – lavender. A potent natural remedy for all sorts of things, this pretty purple flower features in a variety of our products – and comes into its own in the hottest, haziest months.

September with its back-to-school thrills and bouquets of freshly sharpened pencils arrived, and with it, the chilly breath of Autumn. From working our way to zero-waste to the healing properties of tea tree, the brisk mornings had us feeling energised and invigorated.

Autumn to Winter

But, of course, the cold weather can take its toll, so after digging up the fascinating gardening history of Chelsea Flower show, we gathered together some suggestions for making the most of the chillier months.

Before we knew it, the hygge season was upon us. Dark, long nights and shorter days meant that the only thing to do was, of course, to light some candles. Focusing on fragrance, we rounded up our favourite spicy, woodsy scents to bring the delights of Autumn forest walks and festive spices indoors.

Cinnamon and spruce weren’t the only fragrances that had us excited, though, and in late October, we launched our new, brilliantly British line: Hope & Glory. With its signature Union Jack flag packaging, this bright lemongrass and aromatic citrus scented range was an immediate hit.

Halloween and Bonfire Night came and went, and then the Christmas Countdown was on. We caught up with one of our fabulous co-founders, Ursula, for her take on the festive season, and then we all got our heads together for our winter gift guides – trying with mixed success not to list every product we make…

It feels like the year has galloped by – but we’re so glad that you’re here, and have been a part of our journey in 2021. We wish you and your loved ones every joy in the New Year – and as the saying goes: may the best of this year be the least of the next.

- Paddy, Ursula and the Heyland & Whittle Team -

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