The Healing Powers of a Bath on World Health Day

The Healing Powers of a Bath on World Health Day

7th Apr 2021

It is absolutely no secret that here at H&W HQ, we are bathing evangelists. There’s nothing quite like sneaking off to the sanctuary of your bathroom, locking the door and taking an hour out for yourself.

Unfortunately life (or perhaps more accurately, our own mindset!) can get in the way of this little everyday luxury. Have you ever thought that a bath would be lovely, but it wasn’t something you could justify right now, with homework to supervise, work to do, dinner to cook, and homes to clean?

Well, consider this your permission slip. Today is World Health Day, and we can’t think of a better day to talk about the health benefits of taking a little time out for a bath or lovely long shower.

A warm bath can aid sweet dreams

Did you know it’s not actually the hot water in your bath that aids sleepiness, but the dip in body temperature afterwards? According to Justin Jones, Head of Physiology at Nuffield Health:

“Taking a warm bath just before bed can help you get to sleep. It's not the rise in body temperature, but the subsequent cooling down that tricks the body into thinking you have gone from daytime into night-time.”

To further aid those sweet dreams, try adding a soothing scent to your bath. Lavender, found in our fabulous Citrus & Lavender Bath Melt, is a classic for a reason! Beyond smelling lovely, it can have a beneficial effect on stress by promoting a sense of calm and wellbeing. 

Improve circulation with a bath or shower

If you, like us, find that a day sitting at a desk causes you to feel sluggish and slow, can we recommend a health-boosting bath or shower? Time spent in warm water can boost circulation, gently raising your heart rate to encourage fresh, oxygenated blood to move from your head to your toes.

We couldn’t leave our shower fans out here - and our handmade, natural soaps are perfect however you choose to splash about. To boost blood flow, we love our Deep Cleansing Soap Trio - including our Tea Tree, Seaweed, and Herbal Mint soap bars.

Full of goodness from Nature’s antiseptic to a brisk mint and rosemary blend, these cold-processed soaps are the most vibrant way to jumpstart the day that we can think of.

Soak and ease muscles and joints

Sore and aching muscles? The best remedy is a bath. Crisp, citrussy Green Tea & Grapefruit is uplifting and energising, with a wealth of health benefits that might just surprise you!

As an essential oil, Green Tea is often used to aid lymphatic drainage massage, as its properties can help to relax muscles and reduce tension - perfect for sore, tight bodies, or stiff joints.

Grapefruit is energising and stimulating, helping to balance your mood and brighten your outlook, too.

Taking a bath can soothe skin

Whilst very hot water can be found to dry out your skin, bathing in warm water can be a fabulous way to soothe dryness. Our favourite way to do this is to add a generous dollop of our Neroli & Rose Foam Bath into the water.

Nearly six kilos of handpicked bitter orange flowers need to be handpicked for just five mililitres of Neroli oil - but this precious liquid has long been found to heal scars, soothe irritation, and promote gorgeous, glowing skin.

Coupled with rose oil to help reduce redness and discomfort, this luxurious bath foam is a powerhouse of natural goodness - so make sure you lock it in with a slick of our Neroli & Rose body lotion, too.

Over to you

There you have it - four indulgent-sounding (but very necessary!) bath benefits.

From encouraging a good night’s sleep, to boosting energy levels and soothing your skin, baths and indulgent showers really do support our health and wellbeing.

What other benefits do your hot baths bring you? Let us know in the comments below - and happy World Health Day in the meantime!

Please note that none of the above is intended as medical advice and should not be construed as such. If you are looking for medical advice around a health concern, please consult your GP.