Mothering Sunday

Mothering Sunday

12th Mar 2021

As Mother’s Day approaches (mark your diaries for March 14th!), we got our thinking caps on here at Heyland & Whittle HQ.

Whilst Mother’s Day is obviously linked to those who give birth to us, we also realised that so many of us actually have more than one mother.

If we think of a mum as being someone who creates and supports life, who nurtures and cares for us, then we could really only come to one conclusion…Couldn’t everyone be a mother?

Now, we know that this is maybe a little unusual, but stay with us. As Robert Heinlein said: “Being a mother is an attitude, not a biological relation.” If everyone can be a mother, then the 14th of March means we get to celebrate so many people!

How about the dads who stay at home and whip up incredible store cupboard suppers, or the glamorous aunties who helped you buy your first lipstick?

What about the best friends who support you through good days and bad, or the teachers or work mentors who encourage you in your goals?

To this end, we’ve created a mini gift guide to help you select the perfect treats for the people in your life who take on some, or all, of that wonderful mothering role

1. Mums

We know all mums are so incredibly different - so choosing a gift for her might be a real struggle. Why not pamper her with a variety of gorgeous scents, instead?

Our bath melt and round soap gift box set makes the perfect present. Three shea, jojoba and cocoa butter bath melts are rolled in rose and cornflower petals and make for such an indulgent bath time treat.

2. Dads

For the dads who started the best dance parties in the kitchen, or helped you with after school homework, or a million other things - why not honour the men who nurture and care for their loved ones on Mother’s Day, too?

Our Men’s Gift Box is such a fabulous way to pamper the men in your life who take on some or all of that mothering role. Blended with essential oils, our trio of soaps moisturise, exfoliate, and energise, and are packaged with a nail brush and soap saver.

3. Grandparents

Always full of wisdom, sage advice, and the odd truly incredible story (that’s sometimes truly odd!), our grandparents connect us to our history and heritage.

Lockdown has caused more loneliness than ever this year amongst our elderly community here in the UK - so making the effort to call and check in with your grandparents could be one of the biggest gifts for you and them.

And if you wanted to go a little step further, our Citrus and Lavender or Neroli and Rose hand creams make a gorgeous impromptu present idea.

4. Aunties, uncles, and family friends

Sometimes the maternal figures in our lives appear as ‘Second Mothers’ - relatives (whether biological or not) that become key sounding boards and examples for us, as we grow up.

Whether this person was the mother of your best friend, an aunt or uncle, or even a neighbour, why not honour them this Mother’s Day, too?

Our Earl Grey Glass Candle is a must - with natural sustainably-sourced soy wax that burns evenly, the scent is light, uplifting, and perfect for any occasion.

5. Best friends

The saying ‘friends are the family you choose’ has always rung true for a reason.

Whether your best friends are mothers, aunties, or childless by choice, there’s every reason to celebrate the care and love our friends show us this Mother’s Day.

Our Soap Gift Sets make ideal presents for indecisive friends, too - with a detailed menu that helps them discover their new favourite fragrance

6. Mentors and teachers

Hands up if you’ve ever experienced the sheer embarrassment of calling your teacher ‘mum’ at school?!

Yep, us too - but perhaps there’s a great reason for that! After all, we spend so much time with teachers and mentors that nurture and encourage us, as we pursue our goals and dreams.

If you’re looking to celebrate a special teacher in your life - whether at work, a class, or elsewhere, may we suggest our Mint and Bergamot eco-friendly reed diffuser?

Perfect for any learning environment (from the office to the staff room!), the scent of fresh, cool Mint blended with zesty, citrussy Bergamot is just perfect as we head into Spring.

However and whoever you choose to celebrate on March 14th, we hope that you have such a happy Mother’s Day, and leave you with a wonderful parting thought from Jill Churchill:

“There’s no way to be a perfect mother, and a million ways to be a good one.”