Heyland & Whittle’s Tips for a Perfect Picnic

Heyland & Whittle’s Tips for a Perfect Picnic

Eloise Leeson - Olim on 29th Jun 2021

Who doesn’t love a picnic? Conjuring up fond memories of red and white checked blankets, baskets, enthusiastic games of rounders, and of course, the all-important food, a picnic (when the weather permits) is always a good idea.

Planning ahead makes all the difference, so check the weather, assemble your friends, dig out the blanket, and have a read of our favourite tips for making your picnic extra-special this summer.

Location, Location, Location

A park, a pretty woodland clearing, a riverbank, or the beach – when your picnic is literally a moveable feast, there’s no end to the places you can go.

We find it handy to plan in advance – especially with regulations at the moment – and to make sure that there’s ample parking, safe social distancing measures in place, and a suitable spot to spend a penny if the need arises!

If you’re by the sea, a windbreaker can also be a good idea to stop sand making an appearance in your sandwiches, and a woodland clearing or park might also mean you’re visited by the odd unwanted guest.

To avoid stings, bites, or nibbles (of anything that isn’t your gorgeous homemade quiche) – a citronella candle or bug spray is a good idea.

Practicalities aside, the joy of a picnic is being in nature itself. So make sure that wherever you do go, it’s a visual treat.

If Music is the Food of Love…

A far cry from boom boxes of the 80s and 90s, a portable speaker can be a lovely addition to a picnic - as long as the volume is of a level where it won’t disturb others who might be in the area.

We’re big fans of a well-curated playlist, and if friends are joining you and are wondering what to bring, why not delegate a playlist to them?

And if you need a little inspiration, we have some ideas to get you started. Try French Café Lounge, or Spotify’s own Picnic Playlist to really elevate your afternoon.

Something to Sip

Staying hydrated, especially in hot weather, is crucial. Whilst we are rather partial to a little tipple at a picnic, it’s important to make sure you’re hydrating with soft drinks, too.

That being said, soft doesn’t have to mean bland at all. We love an elderflower spritz with frozen grapes and lots of ice to keep cool, or a classic jug of squash or barley water for little ones.

For grown ups only, could we recommend a luscious white peach sangria?

  • Your favourite white wine (any grape is good!)
  • Sparkling water, ginger beer, or cloudy lemonade
  • 4-5 ripe white peaches (these are sometimes sold as Saturn or doughnut peaches)
  • A few handfuls of ice
  • A pitcher (plastic picnic pitchers can sometimes be found in your local supermarket)

Just thinly slice the peaches, remove the stones, add 250ml – 400ml of white wine, and top up your pitcher with the ice and your mixer of choice. Give it all a good stir and enjoy responsibly – with bonus points for sipping from one of our beautiful environmentally-friendly glass candle jars.

A Moveable Feast

The sky is almost the limit when it comes to planning a picnic menu. Whether you’re a plant-based person, or enjoy the odd cocktail sausage, planning your picnic spread is almost as much fun as demolishing it.

Things that travel well are often your best bet, especially if you’ve got a little way to go to find that perfect spot.

We like a frittata/tortilla – a Spanish-style omelette – stuffed with onions and potatoes and cut into fat wedges, and the aforementioned cocktail sausage (whether meaty, or plant-based!) is always a winner.

A lovely robust salad, like this gorgeous white bean and tomato dish, is perfect for meat eaters and vegans alike. And something sweet to finish – a salted caramel brownie, or even just a punnet of fresh strawberries – is a must.

Will you be picnicking this weekend? We’d love to see your picnic style – so make sure you tag us in your snaps on Instagram.