Flower Symbolism to Celebrate Best Friends Day

Flower Symbolism to Celebrate Best Friends Day

Eloise Leeson - Olim on 8th Jun 2021

Where would we be without our friends? As National Best Friends Day rolls around, we want to shine a light on the wonderful souls that really are the family we choose.

The way we honour our friends changes, of course. From little texts to surprise coffee runs, a quick school pick-up when they’re having a wild day at work, or a dish of something they can pop straight in the oven when disaster strikes, there are as many ways to be a friend as there are people in the world.

One friendship tradition we love is the idea of sending specific posies of flowers to your best friends and loved ones. Though commonly associated with the Victorian era, flower symbolism is actually something that belongs to many cultures around the world.

Picked with their meanings in mind, these little bouquets were a way to express your affection for your friends, and could be read almost like a story, depending on the symbolism of each flower.

Here are some of our favourite flowers here at Heyland & Whittle, and their meanings.


Popularly understood as being a flower that symbolises calmness and devotion, we think a little lavender shrub, or a few dried stems tied with raffia or pretty ribbon makes a beautiful gift for a new mum or family welcoming a little person into the world.

With sleep-inducing and soothing properties, it’s perfect for scenting any room where your friend might be keen to take a quick cat-nap. Why not try our Citrus & Lavender diffuser for a scent that relaxes and uplifts, at the same time?


Geraniums, in our humble opinion, are one of the prettiest ways to cheer up a doorway or a windowsill, and put us in mind of the South of France, summer holidays, and hot weather.

Did you know that the meaning of the geranium actually changes depending on its type and colour?

The Ivy Geranium is said to indicate favour, and the Oak Leaf Geranium means true friendship. We can’t think of a nicer gift pairing that some blooming geraniums in a cheerful pot, accompanied by our Geranium & Oud candle in its beautiful, reusable glass jar.

White Dahlias

We all have that one friend that’s pretty powerful when it comes to their career. You might think that there’s no flower that marries up with the #girlboss in your life, but the dahlia is actually a perfect fit.

Symbolising a range of qualities, such as staying graceful under pressure, being kind even when tested, and drawing on inner strength to succeed, the dahlia is the perfect flower for that friend you just know would be wonderful at running the world.


A rose by any name would smell as sweet! Cultivated for hundreds of years, roses can be a real treat to receive – but did you know that their symbolism varies depending on their colour?

Where red and pink roses typically indicate romantic love, sunny yellow roses are one of the best ways to toast your dearest friends – symbolising eternal affection and good wishes for their wellbeing.

As yellow is so strongly associated with the sun and its life-giving properties, you can also send a butter-coloured bouquet to a friend who might have been a touch under the weather – or send them a rose in the form of our luxury delicious Neroli & Rose Foam Bath Gift Box.

Whichever flowers (and symbols) you opt for, today’s the perfect day to celebrate the family members we choose – those special best friends that laugh when we do, comfort us when we cry, and make our lives so much richer, every day.