​Eco-Friendly Weddings, Heyland & Whittle Style

​Eco-Friendly Weddings, Heyland & Whittle Style

Eloise Leeson - Olim on 13th Jul 2021

Don’t we love a wedding? Seeing two people make a commitment to one another, in the presence of their friends and family, can’t fail to lift your spirits.

Whether you opt for something relaxed and low-key, or something big and sumptuous, there’s always a creative way to reduce the impact of your wedding on the natural world – so we thought we’d round up a few ideas for you here.

Invites and Decorations

When it comes to planning an eco-friendly wedding, almost everything you do can be gently tweaked to be more environmentally friendly.

Lots of fantastic wedding vendors are now catering for the eco-conscious customer, and are offering thoughtful invitations on sustainably sourced and crafted paper, with plant-based inks and low carbon footprint.

Whether your vendor plants a tree for every order, or donates profits to great causes, a little shopping around means that your invites won’t just bring a smile to your guests’ faces, they’ll help the planet, too.

In that same category, you can also find stunning sustainable decorations. From paper bunting crafted from second-hand paperbacks (thank you for that one, Pinterest!) to burlap swags, or even backdrops crafted from dried or fresh, seasonal, local flowers, décor doesn’t always need to involve non-biodegradable materials.

Even little details, like twinkly lights, can be made more eco-friendly by opting for rechargeable-battery-powered LEDs for atmosphere that doesn’t cost the earth. Or better yet – choose ethically made, eco-friendly candles in reusable glass jars for a romantic atmosphere and sweet scent as the sun sets – and encourage your guests to take them home with them once the dancing is done.

Veils and Venues

Of course, an easy way to make your wedding more environmentally friendly is to choose a venue that has sustainability and regeneration at its heart. When these are your venue’s guiding principles, much of the thinking is done for you – and you can focus on other things, like your seating plan, or music.

Whether you opt to get married in or out of doors, a little research and planning goes long way in helping you choose a great space to tie the knot.

The same goes for your wardrobe on the day, if you opt for statement vintage frocks or elegant rental pieces. Anything that has been gently loved before can be a fabulous way to not only reduce your environmental impact, but is a stylish nod to the ‘something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue’ adage.

And, last but not least – when it comes to your confetti as you depart the venue, may we suggest eco-friendly dried petals? Though rice and paper confetti are traditional, they might not be ideal for the natural environment, attracting pests, or looking like litter once the moment has passed. What might be a precious memory for you could quickly cause concern for others.

Fancies and Favours

Tiny soaps, little bath melts, minimal packaging, paper bags – there are so many special ways to craft eco-friendly favours for your guests. A little edible favour – and you could even work with local farms or suppliers for miniature pots of jam or honey – is a sweet way to thank your guests and support nearby businesses.

Or, for something they’ll enjoy for longer, a scented, palm-free soap favour is an ideal travel-friendly, minimal-packaging option. You could even consider tying the scent of the soap into the theme of your day – Citrus & Turmeric for a sunshine-scented wedding brunch or midsummer celebration, or for the romantically inclined, our Vintage Rose scented soap is a classic, elegant choice.

There are so many lovely ways to make sure that the start of your married life is beautiful for you and the earth, the sky is the limit.

Have you been to an eco-friendly wedding? Have you organised one? What are your top tips? We’d love to know.